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Get Style Savvy

For those with savvy style, this will definitely warrant a second look. It features a highly-styled pattern that almost gives the impression of a basketweave, but is something more. It’s an alluring combination of loops and cuts and it’s available in 20 different color combinations.

Experience Natural Elements

Inspired by natural elements, this style is available in 12 colors, ranging from a soft sand to a sophisticated taupe to a rich charcoal gray. Its light and dark tonal blends have a luminous quality that will bring a fresh beauty to your home.

Create an Elegant Statement

A braided loop construction can evoke the look of waves, or curls, or ribbons. Regardless, it will be a stylish, elegant statement, which gives you the confidence to do something different. Choose from 15 different elegant colors.

Nature Comes to Life

This pattern resembles tree bark with long lines and varied shapes. Isn’t that a brilliant way to complement your hardwood floors? The linear pattern is made of both cuts and loops for a stunning look and it comes in 9 colors.

Make A Statement

An incredibly unique option sure to make a real design statement in any home. It’s both modern and timeless. It’s a bold choice, so you can confidently stake your claim as a savvy designer. It comes in 20 different colors—a palette that has stood the test of time.

Easy Going Style

Hip color combinations and smooth construction make this choice a real show-stopper. The tonal effect that occurs as multiple versions of the same color work together give depth, and texture, and dimension that makes your floor a welcoming, easy-going style element for your room.

Cool and Eclectic

A tailored loop featuring an array of artfully designed colors that make it easy to mix it up for a cool, eclectic look in your home. The loop construction is easy to live on and live with. It’s soft, durable, and inviting and comes in 12 colors.

Set the Stage

A light-hearted, casual construction that invites you to sink your toes into luxury. It comes in 18 different color options, and all of them provide the perfect foundation for a stylish, designer touch. When you think of this style, think of subtle tweeds.

Wiggle Your Toes

A welcoming, easy-going style that makes you want to relax in cozy comfort. It’s soft and warm, and made to live up to the demands of your busy family. Available in 9 incredible color combina- tions, it’s sure to be the perfect design accent for your room.

Get Your Cozy On

Get all the cozy your family could want with this gorgeous texture. A blend of sophisticated col- ors with a high-contrast tweed. It creates layers of color, and they all work together for an intriguing, cozy effect. It comes in 18 different colors.

Time-worn Elegance

Your floor will be a true design element of the room and it’s sure to be the envy of others. It works perfectly with the vintage and weathered elements used in homes today because this pattern itself feels distressed. It’s available in 16 different sun-washed, time-worn colors.

Added Dimension

This smooth texture features variation in color and flecks that add dimension to your room. It doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself, but it pro- vides depth and texture. It’s easy to live with and a great value and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s available in 16 organic colors.

Add a Sparkle

This multi-colored fleck boasts creamy white accents that cause even the most saturated cherry and chocolate tones to sparkle. This stunning palette of 15 colors is brighter than most carpet colors so you’ll be able to make a true style statement.

Alive With Color

Fresh vibrant color comes alive with pops of blues, greens, and reds and more. It’s sure to bea complement to most any accent color in your home. You have 12 stunning colors to choose from, and each will provide the touch of sophisticated, bold design.

Comforting Neutrals

A cozy texture of rich neutrals, with tones of additional color that give it even greater depth and dimension. It’s soft and luxurious. And if you like color, there is something daring for you, too. It comes in 16 different colors.

A Bold Statement

With this style, you’re sure to build instant design credibility because you’re turning your floor into a style statement. Yes, it’s bold, but if you’re wanting style, what a way to achieve it. The loop construction will be easy to live on and live wit

A Tonal Masterpiece

When carpets have a tonal quality, it means that there are various shades of a single color that work together to give you something unexpected. It’s a dazzling effect, and it’s showcased beautifully in this style and it’s available in 20 different color options.

A Bit of the Unexpected

A versatile texture with a bold twist. There is rich variation in color with differences between the light neutral elements and contrasting, colorful accents. It’s a free-spirited choice because the color is unexpected.

A Twist on Tweed

This carpet style is daring textured tweed. Its construction invites you to sink your feet into the softness and the warmth. You’ll find 12 different color options, and all of them feature multi-color flecks to provide even greater visual variety and depth.