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Lyric – The contact lens for the ear

Discover Lyric - a hearing aid so small and powerful that you will forget you are wearing it.

Lyric is always with you, 24/7, keeping you in touch with the world around you. From business meetings to nights on the town, Lyric is designed to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.

This tiny state-of-the-art hearing technology is placed in the ear canal so that it remains out of sight and out of mind.

The benefits of Lyric

  • 100% Invisible - Placed in your ear canal, Lyric remains completely out of sight - invisible to the world.

  • Clear, natural sound - Enjoy full natural sound everywhere you go.

  • 24/7 hearing - Wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time without taking it out through daily activities such as exercising or even showering.

  • Hassle-free - Enjoy the freedom to do what you love, whenever you like and never have to worry about changing batteries.

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Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.
Individual patient needs may vary. Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric provider to determine if Lyric is right for you.